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Preparing Your Home for Sale

By Donna Faulk


If your goal is a quick sale in which you receive top dollar value for your home, you will want to take advantage of a home staging consultation.  Whether planning to list with an agent or planning to sell the property yourself, the key is to make your home stand out in a highly competitive market.  By broadening the visual appeal of your home, you increase the number of potential buyers.  The average consumer lacks the ability to visualize their homeís potential.  As the homeowner, it can be difficult to be objective, and you are generally not familiar with what makes properties sell.  What does make one property sell at higher price than other properties in the same neighborhood?  The answer is simply the art of presentation.


A consultant addresses the issues of organization, maximizing floor space, traffic flow, lighting, reducing clutter, curb appeal, repairs, and room updates which imply the perpetual care of your home.  They can help to provide continuity throughout the home, thus increasing itís overall appeal and usually work with your homes present contents.


The makeover consultation fee is generally $150.00 to $300.00 and lasts for one to three hours depending upon the size and condition of your property.  We believe that you will feel it is the best step you ever took in the sale of your home.  Accentuate the positive in your home!  Also included in the consultation are the issues of curb appeal and exterior evaluation.  Other services include room updates which provide the consumer with the homes best look.


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